Sep 8, 2011


There once was a man named Mee.
One day Mee purchased a jar of poison at WorldMart, his local grocery store.
Mee went home and put the poison in his pantry right next to his supply of wholesome, delicious jars of food.
The next morning, when Mee made breakfast, he grabbed the jar of poison and spread it on his toast.
Mee felt terribly ill.
His stomach was on fire.
His throat burned.
His vision blurred and eventually everything went black.
Mee awoke later in the day.
The sickness had passed.
That is to say, he’d managed to vomit before passing out.
His face was caked with his own puke.
Mee got up and washed himself off.
He felt hungry.
Mee decided to make some soup.
One carrot.
One potato.
One can of chicken broth.
One scoop of poison.
It smelled so good.
Mee sat down with a massive bowl of soup.
He emptied his bowl.
Mee felt terribly ill.
His head ached.
It felt like a thousand thumbtacks had been stuck into his digestive system.
Mee threw up all down the front of himself.
Mee took a shower and went to bed.
The next day Mee decided that it must be the poison that had made him so sick.
He decided to not use the poison in his cooking any more.
But, the next morning, instead of grabbing peanut butter to spread on his toast, he grabbed the poison.
He spread it on thick.
He threw-up.
He threw-up blood.
He couldn’t stand because he felt so weak.
He missed work.
He forgot to send his brother a birthday card.
He was unable to feed his dog.
Mee slept on the kitchen floor that night.
When Mee woke up he reached over and grabbed the poison.
“Open it and eat your fill,” said Mee.
“I won’t, it’s killing me,” said Mee.
“Maybe it is, but just a little won’t hurt,” said Mee.
“No, no, no,” said Mee
“Just open the lid a twist,” said Mee
“Okay, just opening the lid a little won’t do any harm,” said Mee
Mee opened the lid a little.
Mee opened the lid a lot.
Mee filled his mouth with poison.
Mee swallowed.
Mee died.
(Before Mee died he had this realization:
“If I truly want to keep from eating this poison, if I want to live, if I cannot resist the draw of opening the jar and partaking of its contents, then I have to get rid of it. I have to throw it out of my kitchen window. I have to do it right now, later will be too late.”
Mee waited until later.
Mee was too late.)

Sep 7, 2011

You are like

You are like a tree, mayhap,
Your love it flows like
They climb your trunk,
Your branches snap,
You are like a tree, mayhap.

You are like the sea, maybe,
Your love it flows from there to me,
They ride your waves,
You sink them free,
You are like the sea, maybe.

You are like the sky, I guess,
From dawn to dusk you shine the best,
They soar so high,
You make them rest,
You are like the sky, I guess.